Monday, April 23, 2007

Why iPod such a valuable tool?

"iPod" here is used as a term for a system of storing and using music and video, rather than why "iPods are important". Here I'm refering to the hardware.

Read this quote from the Edinburgh, Scotland Herald as to how important iPod is to one of their young actors in Great Britain:

"Music - The best-value thing I have ever bought is an iPod because I spend a lot of time living away from home.
I don't think they are that expensive, considering you can take all your music with you. I buy a few CDs every now and then so I do tend to spend money on music. It's usually the latest stuff from the album chart. The last album I bought was The Kooks and in my car at the moment I have The Kaiser Chiefs, Franz Ferdinand and Johnny Cash."

BAM - It's the storage size and ease of use that makes an iPod such a useful little tool.

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